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Episode 6 – An interview with Anya Roberts-Toney

Ashley and Kendra talk with Anya Roberts-Toney talk about bubbles, pizza, toast, the difference of New York & Portland’s art scene, Anya’s process of working out ideas for…

Episode 5 – An Interview with David Schell

Ashley and Kendra sit down to talk with Portland artist David Schell. Vibrant colors, bold shapes, and Elephants are topics covered. https://www.davidscottschell.com/

Lisa Onstad on view at Bar Mingo

Katie Costa at Bar Mingo

Heather Goodwind at Bar Mingo

Tamara English at Bar Mingo

Anya Roberts-Toney at Bar Mingo

Mark Takiguchi at Bar Mingo

Palmarin Merges at Bar Mingo