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Episode 12: An interview with Josephine Zarkovich

In recent years, the Portland art community has had a number of significant losses and it is preparing for one more with the departure of curator, Josephine Zarkovich…

Douglas Frierott at Bar Mingo!

Douglas Frierott is showing his photos at Bar Mingo through the end of November!

Episode 11 – Fleshiness of Encaustic: An interview with Tammy Jo Wilson

Artist Tammy Jo Wilson stops by to tell us about her artwork, our common experience of corporeal fleshiness, and how Encaustics (an ancient painting technique using hot wax…

Zac Pranji at Bar Mingo!

Stop by and check out the graceful collages of Zac Pranji at Bar Mingo. On view through the end of August.

Episode 10 – Beauty, re-enchantment, and mystery: An interview with Tamara English

 Tamara English, a Portland artist, gabs with Kendra and Ashley about her paintings, as well as the power of wonder and nature, magical realism, and the importance of…

Episode 9 – Famous Relatives, the Human Condition, and Legacy- Bacon&Freud

The sisters discuss artists Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon, two great figurative painters from across the pond. 

Episode 8 – Low Country Art

Ashley and Kendra discuss Ashley’s trip to Charleston, SC where she visited the Gibb’s Museum and learned about miniature portraiture and the Gullah craft of Sweetgrass Baskets.

Episode 7 – An Interview with Mark Takiguchi – Making art accessible

Kendra and Ashley talk with Portland artist Mark Takiguchi about his work. Lava lamps, furniture, desire, displacement, and an exciting new job are discussed.

Episode 6 – An interview with Anya Roberts-Toney

Ashley and Kendra talk with Anya Roberts-Toney talk about bubbles, pizza, toast, the difference of New York & Portland’s art scene, Anya’s process of working out ideas for…

Episode 5 – An Interview with David Schell

Ashley and Kendra sit down to talk with Portland artist David Schell. Vibrant colors, bold shapes, and Elephants are topics covered.