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Artwork for Lease or Purchase

Palmarin Merges is an artist working in mixed media, printmaking and painting. She has participated in shows in Japan, the Philippines, San Francisco and Portland, OR. Printmaking is her primary means of expression but she does not strictly consider herself a printmaker. Her works on paper are organic and painterly with the intent of creating unique one of a kind works on paper rather than editions. In her most recent series she examines the environment of the Pacific Northwest and her relationship to it. Palmarin received a Bachelor of Arts degree and Secondary Teaching Credential from Point Loma Nazarene College in Point Loma, CA and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. She currently is a full-time artist and a part-time Printmaking Instructor at the Pacific NW College of Art in their Continuing Education Program. She has taught Collagraph, Screenprinting  and Polyester Plate Lithography at the Multnomah Arts Center.

"A native of Portland, Oregon, Endo earned a BA from Portland State University in 2005 and an MFA in painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, in 2009. While in Bloomfield Hills he worked as an assistant to Michigan artist Beverly Fishman, who is well known for her painted and polished stainless steel works. He returned to Portland in 2009 and began working as the registrar for the Bullseye Gallery. Trained as a painter, Endo took classes at the Bullseye Research and Education department in order to learn more about glass. “When I started taking classes, I saw the potential of glass as a painting medium, as a material that could be manipulated to make three dimensional paintings that not only created the illusion of depth on the surface, but also possessed a physical depth with layers of information. Light could penetrate the piece and bounce around. As a painter, I was always using glazes, which are transparent layers of paint. Glass is naturally translucent, and I layer it just as I would paint. That potential really attracted me to the material." From Warm Glass Studio Profile, The Spaces In Between, Michael Endo’s Kiln Formed Glass- Glass Art Magazine Nov/Dec 2013 by Shawn Waggoner.

Kendra Larson was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. She is a painter who lives in Portland with her husband, Christopher, and white standard poodle, Edie. She earned her MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and has shown her work in venues including the Nash Gallery (Minneapolis, MN), The Art Center (Corvallis, OR), The Milk Factory (Chicago, IL), Lewis and Clark College (Portland, OR), and the Overture Center for the Arts (Madison, WI). Her work has appeared in publications such as The Bear Deluxe and Tree Sap Magazine. She is a past Signal Fire (Opal Creek, OR), Caldera (Sisters, OR) and New Pacific Studios (Masterton, New Zealand) resident who teaches at Portland State University and the Pacific NW College of Art. Her work explores notions of place, home, and the folklore surrounding depictions of nature.