Christopher Buckingham

Christopher Buckingham

Christopher Buckingham is a founding member of Stumptown Creative. He is a fine artist, musician, curator and businessman working in Portland, Oregon. He is also the webmaster of this website.

July, 10 2014

Animations of past

Kendra and I made this animation video years ago (2007)... it was our first attempt. It was a large drawing in charcoal and acrylic paint. Multiple photos were taken during the drawing process and then later edited together into this short film. Enjoy!

May, 13 2014

Snowball Tree

Our snowball tree is blooming.

May, 07 2014

Shop Update

Our online shop is fixed!! Checkout is working now.

Thanks for your patience. 

May, 02 2014


Hi all, We're still working out the kinks in the website and checkout for the shop items isn't working. We do have an alternative though! You can visit our etsy store.

We'l have stuff back to normal soon, Thanks for your patience. In other news, it's a beautiful day in Portland... we can't take these for granted. Spring might finally be here. We are actually wearing shorts. 

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