Art Rental Scenarios

Here are some examples of customers we have helped in the past. Let us know if you are in a similar situation and we can help you as well!


Dentist office, SW Portland
The space was approximately 600 sq. ft, with warm wall colors. The pieces were chosen to complement the existing interior design and create a calm mood

Staging a home for sale, NE Portland:
The homeowner had moved out and the house they were trying to sell was empty. They rented a large painting from Stumptown Creative for the living room. This helped visitors see the potential livability of the space. The homeowner then rented furniture to complement the blue and gold found in the painting.

 Residential, SW Portland:
A company in downtown Portland has many clients that visit from out of town. The company rents a condo in SW Portland to house their guests. They have rented 6 pieces to fill the 2 bedroom condo. The artwork, made by a Portland based artist, helps their clients feel at home and experience Portland culture in a personal way.

Corporate, Portland:
A software company wanted to purchase art for their new office space. Instead of committing to something right away, they chose to rent 4 large paintings. After spending 6 months with the work, they decided to purchase the pieces and make them a permanent part of their lives.

Commercial, NW Portland:
A restaurant in NW Portland changes its menu depending on what is in season. To follow that theme, they like to change the décor slightly at the same time. They have chosen to rent 10 small prints to fill their dining room with cheer. Every 3 months they switch out the work to enhance the mood of the season. In other words, when their menu changes so does their art.

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