Christopher Buckingham

Christopher Buckingham is a founding member of Stumptown Creative. He is a fine artist, musician, curator and businessman working in Portland, Oregon. He is also the webmaster of this website.

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July, 10 2014

Kendra and I made this animation video years ago (2007)... it was our first attempt. It was a large drawing in charcoal and acrylic paint. Multiple photos were taken during the drawing process and then later edited together into this short film. Enjoy!


Snowball Tree

Shop Update

Kendra Larson

Kendra Larson is the founder of Stumptown Creative. She is a fine artist, curator and business-woman working in Portland, Oregon.

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December, 17 2015

New Art at Bar Mingo!

Stop by and check out the paintings of beautifully odd interiors by Mark Takiguchi. Happy Hour at Bar Mingo is pretty awesome.. try their delectable Lamb Meatballs. 

Bar Mingo, 811 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209


New Art at Bar Mingo - Palmarin Merges

New client: Winding Willow Acupuncture & Wellness

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