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Trout Lake by Kendra Larson Trout Lake by Kendra Larson Stumptown Creative

Why do people purchase art?

There are many reasons people buy art. Two of the most common reasons are Utilitarian and as an Investment.

Utilitarian: It is useful.
Often people fall in love with a piece and want it in their lives. Art enriches our days and can bring comfort to any space. It marks every holiday and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Investment: It is worth it.
As Cappy Price, a Wall Street Portfolio manager, recently mentioned in an NPR article "It (art) outperforms in times of economic turmoil and trouble. It has outperformed during all of the wars of the 20th century. It's outperformed during the last 27 recessions."

We are happy to help you get that piece you love and we can even set up a payment plan for you.

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