Installation at George Fox University Installation at George Fox University by Kendra Larson

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What do you do?
 Our goal is to connect art lovers with art. We offer art for lease, art for purchase, and artist designed products.

What kind of art do you have?
 We champion Portland artists Palmarin Merges, Kendra Larson, Ruth Lantz, and Michael Endo. Their work can be seen here (index.php/artwork-for-lease)

What does it mean to lease artwork?
If you like art and want it in your life, leasing is a fun way to do it. We will help you find artwork that fits your space and supports your goals. Short or longer term leasing is available. Corporate or residential, we have something for you. Plus, you are helping to support local artists.

I can't afford art, how can I get art for my home?
You have a lot of options. Leasing art is a good way to start since you can live with a piece for a while and then decide if you would like to make the purchase. If you decide to purchase a piece of art, we are glad to help with payment plans. Another affordable way to introduce artwork into your home is through artist designed home goods, such as our pillows (index.php/shop/homegoods.

Do my leasing payments go towards the purchase of those paintings?
Up to 3 months rental payments may be applied to purchase price.
How much is it to lease artwork?
Artwork priced from $100 to $500 leases at %10 per month ($10-50).
Artwork priced from $501 to $3,000 leases at %6 per month ($30-180).
Artwork priced from $3001 to $10000 leases at %3 per month ($90-300
There is a 15% discount for renting three or more pieces at a time.

Is there a contract to lease artwork?
Yes, we will work with you to find the perfect work and decide on a time frame for installation. Once those things have been established there is a short contract outlining the price and other agreements included in the lease.

I am an artist, can I be involved?
Yes, please send us an email and we can discuss. We work with Portland based artists that share our aesthetic. The artists we have chosen to highlight are hardworking professionals that have a true commitment to their craft.  We are always interested in meeting artists that fit those criteria.

Are the pillows well made? In other words, can I throw them in the wash?
Yes, they are made with high quality fabrics that should not shrink in the wash. They are printed with a dye sublimation process to help prevent fading. Also, the cording is not just for looks, it helps strengthen the pillow's seam.

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