This episode we interview the fantastic freelance illustrator, Jenna Lechner and hear all about what she’s up to.

Jenna is a freelance illustrator living in Portland, OR. She is currently listening to the Supremes, drawing, and wearing a sweater out-of-season, probably. She studied art and art history in Florence, Italy, and the University of Oregon. She received a bachelor’s of fine art degree (in printmaking) in 2010 and works in natural media like watercolor, gouache, and pen and ink. She also loves paper crafts, print media, and writing profiles in the third person.

For commission inquiries, or to say hi, email:

Upcoming show at Land Gallery on Mississippi will be April 23, 2020 & instagram page is here

Jenna teaches as well! You can find a list of classes, here.

Here are her sites with her work:

We regret to inform our listeners that there may have been some miss-information in this podcast. Scarlett Johansson was actually not in the Moomins tv show remake, it’s actually Kate Winslet – >> Cast list info here 😛