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Episode 34 – Ben Mah

In this episode we get the chance to talk with Salem-based artist Ben Mah about his work as a commercial and portrait photographer. We also touch on  his…

Episode 33 – Sandra Zanetti

In this episode we are going international with Kendra as an artist in residence at Fish Factory in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland. While utilizing a variety of technologies to create…

Episode 32 – Quin Sweetman

ART Quin Sweetman Interview Feb 13, 2022 In this episode we speak with artist Quin Sweetman about her paintings and aim to capture expression in the people and…

Episode 31 – Emily Carr

In this episode we take a moment to look into the great Pacific NW artist Emily Carr, her life, and work. This is a quick, quirky overview of…

Episode 30 – McLean Emenegger

In this episode we get to talk with curator McLean Emenegger about her work, recent move to Seattle, and her most recent project, AMcE Creative Arts (AMcE). 

Episode 29 – Jamila Clarke

The wonderful Jamila Clarke is our guest in this episode. She tells us about her work creating surreal and fantastical narratives balancing an acute sense of humor and…

Episode 28 – Tatyana Ostapenko

In this episode we interview artist Tatyana Ostapenko. We discuss her autobiographical oil paintings and what diaspora can look like in art.  

Episode 27 – Jeremy Okai Davis

Episode 26- Kendra Larson

This time Ashley interviews Kendra about her art practice and the balancing act that is art, family, and teaching. 

Episode 25 – Heather Goodwind